Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 56 – The FOSSiL Projects

Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian - Episode 56 - The FOSSiL Projects

The Cyberpunk Librarian is back and he’s talking about software… His own software! Join Dan for a look at The FOSSiL Projects and discover what he’s been working on for the past couple of months! And hey, maybe there’s something in the Projects that can help make your library life just a little easier!


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  • iAWriter – My writing app of choice on the iPad.
  • The FOSSiL Projects – Free and Open Source Solutions in Libraries. The primary website for information about the projects.
  • FOSSiL Projects on GitLab – The FOSSiL Projects repos on GitLab.
  • CargoCult Demo – Try this thing for yourself!
  • PHP – Write some code, find some frustrations.
  • Python – A better brand of misery.
  • MariaDB – It’s MySQL, without Oracle.
  • Ubuntu MATE – It’s so… green!
  • WordPress – Sure, there are other CMS solutions, but this is the one I like.
  • GitLab – Host your code in an versioning system that’s 100% open source.
  • Download GitLab – Host your code in your own hosted versioning system.
  • GOGS – Simple, easy to use, git style versioning system. Works pretty much everywhere.
  • VirtualBox – Run virtual Linux servers using open source virtualization software. It’s VMware, with Oracle.