Cyberpunk Librarian – Episode 55 – At Odds With Odds and Ends

Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian
Cyberpunk Librarian - Episode 55 - At Odds With Odds and Ends

Holy crap! Cyberpunk Librarian is back! On this episode, Dan talks about the projects that have been holding up the show and what’s going on in his life. It’s a conversation over coffee with your friendly neighbourhood Cyberpunk Librarian!


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Facebook Is a Garbage Fire

RSS Readers

  • QuiteRSS — Free, open source RSS reader for Linux, Windows, and macOS
  • Reeder and Unread – Inexpensive RSS readers for iOS
  • Reeder — Inexpensive RSS reader for macOS
  • Flym and Read – RSS readers for Android
  • Brief – A free, open source RSS reader for Firefox – WebExtensions and Firefox 56+ compatible
  • FeedBin and Feedly – RSS readers on the web – Premium, but inexpensive services that sync across devices

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  • Kanban – Wikipedia
  • Ōno Taiichi – Creator of kanban
  • Trello – A freemium kanban system for tracking projects.
  • Projects – A public Trello board so you can see what Dan is doing these days

Python Projects


  • BBS – A fantastic documentary from Jason Scott, the archivist behind
    • Watch the BBS documentary series on YouTube
  • Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It – A fantastic podcast about technology, history, people, and getting out of debt
  • Mystic BBS – A pretty sweet BBS package for macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • SynchroNet – A pretty sweet BBS package for Windows and Linux
  • WWIV – A classic bit of BBS kit that I ran back in my teenage years
  • VirtualBox – Works on macOS, Linux, and Windows and runs virtual machines with ease
  • SyncTerm – An excellent terminal emulator that invokes the old days of dial up
  • Qodem – A clone of the classic Qmodem terminal emulator